A selection of projects:


The Project:

A Wes Anderson meets Bear Grylls restaurant in Atlanta that offers elevated camping favorites along with farm-to-table local deliciousness. Located right off of the Atlanta Beltline, the south's response to the Highline, this campy restaurant embraces the nostalgic days of summer camp while supplying walkers and bikers with good eats and craft beers.

"Ladybird produces a fun, harmonious experience out of what could have been a cheesy, thematic disaster."
ATL Creative Loafing



photography: TIDE & BLOOM


The Project:

With Kate Upton, what couldn't go right?

Following the Super Bowl 2015, the spot had nearly 7.8m views and are directly attributed to bringing in 2.4m per day per Daily Active User. 




Landlords in New York City are notoriously the worst. LC Lemle Real Estate Group is a legitimate and kind company; how do we authentically position them as a landlord who won't let you be eaten alive by urban rodents and who'll give you your freedom to live your own life. 


Position LC Lemle as a business casual, no-nonsense company that wants what you want; to get you in your apartment and on with your NYC life. 


We worked with the LC Lemle team to rebrand and to strengthen their voice in an ever competitive industry. Transparency is important now more than ever, and experienced and novice New Yorkers alike are eager to minimize the time spent searching for and maintaining apartments. 

At an early stage, we used the "LCL" in "LC Lemle" to anchor the brand; with the aid of "Localisms" and some helpful photography, the Be LCL became the brand's anthem. 



with: PAUL NEWMAN (cco), DAVE SHANFELD (cw/ strategist), JENNIFER WALLACE GRADY (account), CHANTEL WHITTLE (project manager) & LOLA ADEYEMO (digital producer)


The Project:

The Seaport District in lower Manhattan is hosting a score of exciting new restaurants, bars, music events and summer activities. In addition to creating the brand of Seaport Summer 17 as a whole, we were also charged with creating and developing the brands of the Food Lab (a restaurant featuring a rotating list of master chefs), the Garden Bar (New York City's biggest outdoor bar), Mr. Cannon's (a well-hidden speakeasy) and the Summer Stage (featuring weekly lineups of the best independent musicians).

with: HOWARD HUGHES, KISER HAYDAR BARNES (Design Director), MATTE FILMS (film and photography), DAVID GUY MCKAY (motion), JACK CLAWSON (Design)


The Project:

Designed by KPF and orchestrated by SL Green, One Vanderbilt is Manhattan's newest Super Tower. Slated to open in 2020 and located next to the historic Grand Central Terminal, the project will not only provide state of the art, luxurious commercial space, but also a wide variety of public spaces. CO OP Brand Partners provided strategy, messaging, logo and logo system, a suite of deliverables and worked with Atlantic Films to create several video assets. 

with: PAUL NEWMAN (cco), KIM CAICEDO (website design), CLARISSA VU (animation & website design), JACKIE KOLOVRAT (project manager), JENNIFER WALLACE GRADY (accounts), CHRIS LANGLOIS (production), FIRESPRING (web development), ATLANTIC FILMS (film production) & NEOSCAPE (renderings)



Stoner pizza company needs a greater social media following. 


Be creepy. 



Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place with a laid-back hippie mentality and a rather stoned-looking mushroom for a mascot. As they grew to 130 stores in over 100 U.S. cities, they wanted to get more followers on Twitter. So we told people if you follow us, we'll follow you. We didn't mention we'd be doing it in real life. 

"When you follow brands on Twitter, at best you get a smattering of decent jokes littered across your Tweetdeck timeline, and at worst, you're bombarded with promotional tweets that practically beg you to unfollow them. Pizza place Mellow Mushroom does neither." - Creativity




In the midst of sameness in the Las Vegas club scene, we wanted to help create a new kind of club experience. 


A nightclub that stimulated all the senses while encouraging exploration and personal transformation. 



Omnia is an interactive nightlife experience by global hospitality company, Hakkasan Group that is currently located in Las Vegas & San Diego. It's also where Justin Bieber spent his 21st birthday. The Untitled Worldwide team named, branded, and developed the Art Direction of the club. 

"A few steps into the space and one quickly realizes that Hakkasan Group has outdone itself, even compared to its flagship, namesake nightclub at MGM Grand. There’s never a dull moment, never an eyebrow-raising sight more than five minutes from the next—never a time to catch your breath, frankly." - Las Vegas Weekly



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